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"FOR ARTS SAKE" by Steve Rydzewski, the long awaited biography of BEN TURPIN has been published by BEAR MANOR PRESS and is available from, and is available in Kindle format.


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THE FOLLOWING ARE SOUND TWO REELERS:                                                                                                                                    Polly Tix In Washington,            Kid In Africa,        Glad Rags To Riches (previous 3 W/ Shirley Temple)  ,                 Gay Nighties Jitters The Butler,Love and Hisses w/Clark and Mc Collough                     ,The Movies Learn To Talk,                 , Look Whos Looney Now!     ,Pops Pal-Lloyd Hamilton,                      The Lions Roar-Billy Bevan  -                        The Stolen Jools            ,Billboard Girl,                Going Spanish,   The Voice Of Hollywood one reel shorts (about one hour)-               Ghost Parade (Sennett)   -Technocrazy- Monte Collins---     Upper Cuttlets------                    --Caliente Love                                                        --Kicking The Crown Around-Clark and Mc Collough-                                                         Guests Wanted                                  ,Julius Sizzer,             ,Dumb Dicks,      The Promoter,  The Messenger Boy, previous 5 w/ Benny Rubin,      Icemans Baii-Clark And Mc Collough,    -Three Stooges Scrapbook,            THE BIG FLASH      THE HITCHHIKER (both w/ Harry Langdon )      SAPPY BIRTHDAY-Andy Clyde          THE OLD BARN -Sennett          BABY DAZE      ASK DAD-Edward Everett Horton                 FAINTING LOVER       UPPERCUTS O BRIEN       THE BLUFFER (c)  1         DORAS DUNKIN DONUTS          BULLS AND BEARS (previous 5 are 2 reels except where indicated)    





                                                                     THE DOUGHBOY              ONCE OVER           SOCK AND RUN          THICK AND THIN           ALL WET          SPRINGTIME SAPS                                         THE BIG SHOT                         MITT THE PRINCE   W/ Snub Pollard            SHE SAID NO       THE COCKEYED FAMILY            IDLE EYES            TAKING THE COUNT           THE EYES HAVE IT             SEEIN THINGS w/ Ben Turpin                                                           HELP WANTED -Poodles Hanneford                       WORKING WINNIE- Ethlyn Gibson    (All Above titles are 2 reels,)                 SPOOKY SPOOKS-Bud Duncan -   1 reel.              THE CAMERAMAN-Billy Franey 1    THE PLUCKY HOODOO-Billy B. Van-2              CINDERELLA CINDERS- Alice Howell -2                                                                                                    THE POOR RICH CLEANERS-Kewpie Morgan, Bud Duncan              THE WATER PLUG-Billy Franey 1                THE JANITOR-Billy Franey-1            THE PLUMBER-Billy Franey 1                THE MOONSHINER-Billy Franey-1                 THE SNIP- George Clarke-1                  THE LUCKY DOG-Laurel and Hardy-2      THE CHEF-Billy Franey 1           MARRIED TO ORDER- Charley Chase- Oliver Hardy 1                              HOW FATTY MADE GOOD-Hughey Mack               SAWDUST AND SALOME 1            THE HELPFUL SISTERHOOD 2 (Both w/ Norma Talmadge)             HASH AND HAVOC- Hughey Mack-1                  THE COST OF HIGH LIVING- Corinne Griffith 1                    Larry Semon in: RISK AND ROUGHNECKS 1       DUNCES AND DANGERS                             THE FALL GUY-2                                                        FRAUDS AND FRENZIES w/ Stan Laurel 2            THE SPORTSMAN-2         SAWMILL   2                    SCHOOL DAYS   2        BEARS AND BADMEN   2                       HORSESHOES  1            ROMANS AND RASCALS 1       HINDOOS AND HAZARDS  1         BATHING BEAUTIES AND BIG BOOBS  1            John Bunny in: POLISHING UP                                   A CURE FOR POKERITIS                                                       TROUBLESOME SECRETARIES w/ Mabel Normand 1          THE LOCKET   1        HEARTS AND DIAMONDS 2           Sidney Drew in AUNTIES PORTRAIT             WANTED A NURSE 1        A SAFE INVESTMENT    1       FOX TROT FINESSE 1           Ben Turpin in  THE BUTCHERS NIGHTMARE          A STUDIO STAMPEDE          POULTRY ALA MODE 1           DOCTORING A LEAK            A MUSICAL MARVEL          A CHEERFUL LIAR            WHY BEN BOLTED                                               LOVE AND VENGEANCE-Ford Sterling2                                              LOOK OUT BUSTER-Arthur Trimble-2            SPORTING COURAGE-The Collegians-2                                     SGT. HOFFMEYER-Ford Sterling-2                                                         FLASHING OARS-The Collegians 2                      CRASH- The Gumps-2                                      IN FOR LIFE- Neely Edwards 1          PARTNERS    IN CRIME-Billie Ritchie-1       PLEASE EXCUSE ME-Charles King-2         THE RELAY- The Collegians-2        THE LEATHER PUSHERS- 2+3 (2 each)         TIGHT CARGO- Charles Puffy-1                    HOP ALONG-Arthur Lake-1          Ben Turpin in : POULTRY ALA MODE-1             THE BUTCHERS NIGHTMARE-2            A STUDIO STAMPEDE-2              DOCTORING A LEAK-2                         A MUSICAL MARVEL-2                           A CHEERFUL LIAR-2                 Mickey(Rooney)Mc Guire in: MICKEYS MENAGERIE          MICKEYS ELEVEN           MICKEYS BROWN DERBY             MICKEYS CIRCUS              MICKEY THE DETECTIVE                  MICKEYS WILD WEST-1           MICKEYS MOVIES           MICKEYS GREAT IDEA                MICKEYS  PALS-1             MICKEYS RIVALS (All Mickey Mc Guire titles are 2r unless indicated)         Ham and Bud in:    THE LOVE MAGNET          BLUNDERING BLACKSMITHS             LOVE OIL AND GREASE        HAM IN THE HAREM            THE BATHTUB BANDIT              THE STAR BOARDERS                THE PHONEY CANNIBAL             A WHIRLWIND OF WHISKERS             SOME ROMANCE (aka Hams' Romance)             A FLYER IN FLAPJACKS( aka Flapjacks)         RASKEYS ROAD SHOW    (previous 11 Ham and Bud titles are 1r)          SALUTE a Joe Rock Comedy 2r                                             Ton of Fun: ALL ABOARD  ALL TIED  UP         HEAVY LOVE            THREE WISE GOOFS           THREE OF A KIND   (previous 5 all 2r)       Joe Rock in : CHOP SUEY LOUIE-2          LITTLE RED ROBIN HOOD-       DR PRYCKLE AND MR PRYDE-Stan Laurel 2                                                                                            MINERVA COURTNEY IMPERSONATION OF CHARLIE CHAPLIN(1915)-2            Billie Rhodes in :  MARYS MERRY MIXUP          HER RUSTIC ROMEO          A MAID TO ORDER   (previous 3 are 1r)                 Hall Room Boys in                    The following Hall Room Boys Comedies are retitled and abridged 9.5  prints                       JAMES MANAGES A RESTAURANT              JAMES THE JOCKEY            GOWNS LTD            JAMES AND THE BROWN HAND                                        COWBOY COMEDY                 LUNCH FOR THE FAMILY             CONJUROR JAMES (previous 6 are 1r)                                                                  CUSTARDS LAST STAND-Billy Franey-1                             FOWL PLAY-Mc Dougall Alley Kids-      BEAUTY AND THE BUMP-Perry Murdock-2               A HICK IN HOLLYWOOD-Perry Murdock-2        THE DAZE OF '49-Jack Cooper-2         THE LOST WHIRL- Andy Clyde-2               THE SLEUTH-Stan Laurel-1.5 r                 HALF A MAN-Stan Laurel-2                           ALIBI ALLEY-Jimmy Aubrey 2                 LONESOME BABIES-Jack Cooper-2                 Walter Forde Comedies: 2r ea : WALTER THE SLEUTH              WALTERS DAY OUT              WALTER FINDS A FATHER                WALTER MAKES A MOVIE                                  EASY DOES IT- Milburn Morante-2     Volga Boatman , Jr.(unidentified kid comedy (split reel)             HUNGRY  HEARTS-Oliver Hardy-1               AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT-Betty Compson-2                         DRY AND THIRSTY-Billy Bletcher -1              OH FOR THE NOBLE ART-Bobby Ray -no  title-1r            TROUBLE SHOOTER-Billy West-2                   CHASING CHOO CHOOS-       ADAMS APPLE  2      PAGING LOVE-2     AFRICA FOB-2         THE GOLF BUG-2        PAY OR  MOVE-2           THE COVERRED SCHOONER-2          Cliff Bowes in  SHIP SHAPE          FUNS FUN   (both 1r)-          NOW OR NEVER-Vernon Dent 1 -          HENESSEY OF THE MOUNTED-George Ovey-1             A LITTLE BIT OF FLUFF- Sydney Chaplin 3r                                            ALL MY CHOO CHOOS- Comedy train compilation-1                      Toots and Casper Comedies W/ Bud Duncan and Thelma Hill.  SMILE BUTTERCUP SMILE-1        FOOLING CASPER-2        CASPERS" WEEKEND  -2                          A HORSE ON BARNEY-Slim Summerville -2          Toonerville Tolley Comedies -     THE SKIPPERS NARROW ESCAPE -2.5          BOOZEM FRIENDS-2.5                  Sid Smith Comedies :  LUNCHES AND PUNCHES       HEAVE HO         ONE SPOOKY KNIGHT (All 3 are 2r)                         THE SHE BEAST  2        AN AUTO NUT   1(both w/ Sid Smith                            MY BABY           HOWDY JUDGE  (Both Bobby Ray 2r)                       BACK TO NATURE     NEW RALGIA    (Both 1r w/ Bobby Ray)      SERVICE ALA BUNK-Bobby Ray -1r                THE FAST MAILMAN    2        FLAPPER FEVER-2 (both with Bobby Dunn)            Edward Everett Horton 2 reelers       VACATION WAVES                        HORSE SHY                                          DADS CHOICE                                                                                                                                 Oliver Hardy Comedies:                                                                                                                                                                     BATTLE ROYAL 1         THE CHIEF COOK           CUPIDS RIVAL          THE HERO       THE CANDY KID 1     SOMETHING IN HER EYE 1 (all are 2r unless indicated)                           DONT PARK HERE-Harry Mann -2     Hank Mann : THE JANITOR 2      HERMAN HERO 1          J-U-N-K-2        JERRY AND THE OUTLAWS-George Ovey 1      HIS DARKER SELF-2 Lloyd Hamilton feature digest                       HIS DAY OUT-Oliver Hardy 2      THE ROGUE-Oliver Hardy 2                                     DONT BE FOOLISH      LOVE ON THE SKIDS        ITALIAN LOVE         HARD BOILED YEGGS          LINES BUSY 1 (previous 5 are Billy West comedies and are 2r unless indicated        MUD AND SAND 3         UNDER TWO JAGS-1.5      (Previous 2 with Stan Laurel)            WILD AND WOOLY- Jackie Dailey   1          CANNED HARMONY- Lee Beggs-1           BOUNCING BABY-Funny Fatty Filbert                      THE STEEPLECHASER-Lige Conley-2                    BINDLES GARDEN PARTY-George Jackley-2             A LUCKY  LOSER-Eddy Lyons 2.5                       HER FIRST FLAME-Gale Henry-2                                     THE DETECTRESS-Gale Henry-2                 DAILY DOZENS-Jack Richardson-2           CIRCUS TIME-Smitty 1           A MANDARIN MIXUP-Stan Laurel 1        SIX FACES WEST     THE KLYNICK (last 2 are 2r w/ Hey Fellas)       CONEY ISLAND- Fatty Arbuckle 2      THE SOAP SUD STAR- Thanhouser 1             THE PAPERHANGER-Al St. John 2.5                       POOL SHARKS-W. C. Fields 1           A POT OF JAM -Pathe Freres 1        A READY MADE MAID   A DAY ON THE FORCE          HIS WIFES NEW LID (last 3 are 1r w/ Billie Reeves)              THE PLUMBERS HELPER-Bobby Dunn-1.5           WHERES MY WIFE- Monty Banks 2.5       WHY WORRY-George Bunny 2              THE WRONG MR FOX- Victor Moore-1            WINNING A WIDOW- Billy Ruge 1.5      SUNSHINE DAD -De Wolfe Hopper (2 reel digest condensation)            CORD AND DISCHORD-Fred Parker-2                      A SUFFRAGETTE IN SPITE OF HIMSELF-Marc Mc Dermott -1               THE MOTORBOAT DEMON-Earle Foxe 2          ELEPHANTS ON HIS HANDS_Hughey Mack-2              HEAVEN WILL PROTECT.......- Priscilla Dean 1              THE CURTAIN POLE- Mack Sennett-1                  THE FOUR ORPHANS-Charlie Murray-2           VINDICATED BY LOVE-Eugene Dills             FLIVVERING- Victor Moore 1             ALWAYS HAPPY-Lew Sargent-2       A PEACEFUL RIOT- Slim Summerville-2                       ITS A BEAR      HOLD TIGHT    OLIVER TWISTED (Joe Rock Comedies)  2 each        SHES A PRINCE-Alice Ardell 2                       LAME BRAINS-Chester Conklin  2                 NEARLY SPLICED-Leon Errol     1                       CABMAN KATE-Kate Price-1     The following 13 one reel subjects are Mabel Normand Biograph subjects: THE FURS        TOMBOY BESSIE       KATCHEM KATE           HOT STUFF          HELP HELP           MENDER OF NETS        SAVED FROM HIMSELF               THE TOURISTS             THE SQUAWS LOVE             THE BRAVE HUNTER           THE TRAGEDY OF A DRESS SUIT            WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED         THE FURS                  OH BUOY-Sammy Burns-2          AMBITION -Bily Ruge 1                  HIS FIRST FLAT TIRE- Sid Smith   1            MILLIONAIRE FOR A MINUTE-Gale Henry-1         ALKALI IKES AUTO- Augustus Carney-1                         BANGER AHEAD- Hair Breadth Harry 2                 EGYPTIAN MUMMY                            BILLY THE  BEAR TAMER (previous 2 W/ Billy Quirk one reelers)                              SHIP AHOY-Billy West            TRAPS AND TANGLES-Larry Semon 1                THE ROPIN FOOL-Will Rogers-2         WHAT PRICE ORPHANS-Hey Fellas-2               BATTLING KANGAROO-Sterling Holloway 2                 FAT AND THE CANARY-Mc Dougall Alley Kids-2              CHARLIES CHUCKLE-Syd Chaplin (2 reel digest of CHARLEYs AUNT)                     HOT FOOT-Bobby Dunn -2.5            OH, SO SIMPLE-Bobby Ray 2.5             A NAUGHTY NURSE 2.5                     SWEEEDIE LEARNS TO SWIM-Wallace Beery-, Ben Turpin -1                    KICK-Milburm Morante-2          RUNNING WILD        FIGHTING TO WIN         MAKING GOOD-(previous 3 Collegians 2r)       ALL IS LOST-Bobby Dunn-2      ALGIE THE MINER  1                  MIDNIGHT AT THE OLD MILL-Ham and Bud 1         FlO's DISCIPLINE-Florence Lawrence-1          THE BELLHOP,         THE SHOW (previous 2 Larry Semon 2                                  

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