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AddThis Social Bookmark Button The Lure Of The Circus(1918)           -Eddie Polo   -                 Hells Hinges(1916)-          William S. Hart-                  The Unchastened Woman (1925)-Theda    Bara                                  - The Farmers Wife(1928)          dir: Hitchcock-                                            Silk Husbands         And Calico Wives(1920)-House Peters                  -Battling Bunyan (1925)-Wesley Barry-              Camille(1921)-Nazimova, Rudolph Valentino-                   Champagne      (1928)dir: Hitchcock-                        Laughing At Danger(1924) -Richard Talmadge -            -             The Prince Of Pep(1925)Richard Talmadge     -                  Smouldering Fires(1925)       Laura La Plante-                   The Clodhopper(1917)-        Charles Ray-              A Fool There Was(1915)-Theda Bara-                The Manxman(1928)dir: Hitchcock-                  The Virginian(1923) Kenneth Harlan-                      Stella Maris(1918) Mary Pickford-                   The White Sin(1924)-Madge Bellamy                    -The Desert Rider(1923) Jack Hoxie-                Galloping On(1925)-Wally Wales-                  Beyond The Border(1925) Harry Carey-                      The Cricket On The Hearth(192?)-Paul Gerson-                 Raggedy Rose(1926) Mabel Normand-                  Fighting American(1924)-Pat O Malley-                  Grandmas Boy(1922) Harold Lloyd-                      Girl Shy(1924) Harold Lloyd-           The Nut(1921)-Douglas Fairbanks-                      Mademoiselle Midnight(1924)-Mae Murray-                 Soul Fire(1925)-Richard Barthelmess-                  Foolish Wives(1922)dir: Von Stroheim-                Fighting Jack(192?)-Bill Bailey                  -The Stampede(1921)-Texas Guinan-               The Pace That Kills(1928)Owen Gorin                 -The Penalty(192?)-Lon Chaney              -Hold Your Breath(1924)Dorothy Devore                  -The Laws Lash((1928)-Klondike                 - The Street Of Forgotten  Women(1927)-                   Virtues Revolt(1924)Edith Thornton                      -Sold For Marriage(1916)-Lillian Gish                      -The Phantom Of The Opera(1925)Lon Chaney     -               Lorna Doone(1922)Madge Bellamy  -                 The  Porter At Maxims(1927)Nicolas Rimsky   -                            The Duchess Of Buffalo(1926)Constance Talmadge   -                The Leopard Woman(1920)Louise Glaum                   Married(1926) Owen Moore, Constance Bennett -                The Perfect Clown(1925)Larry Semon -                      The Bells((1926)Lionel Barrymore, Boris Karloff -                      The Sea Lion(1921)Hobart Bosworth              -Hearts In Exile(1915)Clara Kimball Young-                Webs Of Steel(1925) Helen Holmes                    -The Broadway Drifter(1927)George Walsh -       The Home Stretch(1921)Douglas Maclean-            The Old Swimmin Hole(1921) Charles Ray     -              The Leghorn Hat(1928) Albert Prejean                    -Pollyanna(1920)Mary Pickford-                                 The Devils Island((1926)Pauline Fredrick,-       George Lewis-Potemkin(1925)dir:Eisenstein  -                   -The Blue Light (dir: Reifenstahl)  -                    -The Devil Horse(1926)Rex, Yakima Canutt (Prod. Hal Roach)    nn             -Eyes Right(1926) Francis X. Bushman, Jr.                     -Stop At Nothing(1924)- George Larkin                    -The Primrose Path(1925)Clara Bow                         -Sandy Burke Of The U- Bar U(1918)Louis Bennison-                        The Silent Man(1917)William S. Hart-                          Three Word Brand(1921)William S Hart                         -The Ring(1927)dir: Hitchcock-                      Straight Shooting(1917)Harry Carey                   -The Ice Flood(1926)Kenneth Harlan                    -The Prairie Pirate((1925)Harry Carey-Blood And Sand(1922)-Rudolph Valentino  -               Mists Of Error(1927)German-                    -Ace Of Cactus Range(1924)Art Mix                        -The Skys THe Limit-        (1927         )Anna Christie(1923)Blanche Sweet                      -Moulin Rouge(1928)Eve Gray         -        Feel My Pulse(1928)Bebe Daniels                    -The Midnight Message(1926)Johnny Fox-                   His First Flame((1927)Harry Langdon-                      Leap Year(1921)Roscoe Arbuckle-                       Headin Home(1920)Babe Ruth-                         The Sky Rider-Champion-1925                        -  A Sporting Chance-1919- Wm . Russell-                         A  Sailor Made Man-1921- Harold Lloyd-                         American Pluck-1925- George Walsh-                        Midnight Faces- 1926 -Francis X. Bushman-                        The Power Of The Press- 1914-Lionel Barrymore  -                     The General-Buster Keaton-1926                      - Campus Knights- Raymond Mc Kee          -                  The Hunchback Of Notre Dame-- 1923-Lon Chaney-                         The  Clinging Vine- 1926- Leatrice Joy-                    The Joyless Street--1925- Greta Garbo-                    Behind Two Guns-1924- JB Warner-                  The Primitive Lover-1924- Constance Talmadge-                      The Saga Of Gosta Berling- 1924- Greta Garbo-                                 The Whistle- 1921- William S. Hart-            The Lodger- 1927- Ivor Novello . dir: Hitchcock         -               Wizard Of Oz-1925- Larry Semon, Oliver Hardy          -            The Family Secret--1924- Baby Peggy            - Orphans Of The Storm- 1921- Lillian Gish-                     The Ace Of Clubs- 1924- Al Hoxie-                            The Hellhounds Of The Plains-          1926- Yakima Canutt-              - Smoking Trails-1924- Bill Patton    -                   The Old Oregon Trail- 1928- Art Mix-                    He Mark Of Zorro-1920- Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.                       - Playing Dead- 1915- Sidney Drew       -                 Shore Leave- Richard Barthelmess- 1925        -            Babes In The Woods- 1917- Francis Carpenter           -           Robinson Crusoe- 1927- M.A. Witherell                    - The Golem- 1920- Paul Wegener         -               The Birth Of A Nation- 1915- HB Walthall,- dir: DW Griffith          -                    Dangerous Traffic-- 1926-Francis X. Bushman          -              American Aristocracy- 1924-Douglas Fairbanks,Sr          .-           Made For Love- 1926         -        Leatrice Joy- Metropolis-1927 - dir Fritz Lang-                            Shooting Stars- 1927- Brian Aherne



- The Love Flower- 1920- dir: DW Griffith             - A Made To Order Hero- 1928- Ted Wells              - What Happenned To Rosa?-         1920- Mabel Normand        - Wanted By The Law- 1928- JB Warner       - The Giirl Who Stayed At Home-1919- dir Griffith       - Winning The Futurity-  1926- Cullen Landis       .- Hearts Of The World - 1918 - dir: Griffith-

 A Yankee Doodle In Berlin-Mack Sennett (1919)-        Balaclava-Cyril Mc Laglen(abridged)      - The Street Of Forgotten Women -ca-1925-             Flirting With Fate-Douglas Fairbanks        -  The Deerslayer-Bela Lugosi-  Within Our Gates-dir: Micheaux-         Scarlet Days- Dir: Griffith         - Salome-Nazimova            Amarilly Of Clothesline Alley-Mary Pickford-       The Heart Of Texas Ryan- Tom Mix-      The Hoodlum-Mary Pickford-            Downhill-dir: Hitchcock-        The Trap-Lon Chaney-      County Fair-Helen Jerome Eddy-         Berlin the Symphony Of A City       -  Molly-O- -Mabel Normand-            M' Liss-Mary Pickford        - Tom Sawyer-Jack Pickford              - The Spider Woman-Louise Glaum             - Rosita-Mary Pickford-              The Headless Horseman-Will Rogers         - Johanna Enlists- Mary Pickford       - Cobra-Rudolph Valentino          - Love's Prisoner-Olive Thomas-          Madame Butterfly-Mary Pickford        - Big Stakes- JB Warner         -The Cheat(1915)      - What 80 Million Women Want(1913)-            Parisian Love-Clara Bow-          The Seventh Day-Richard Barthelmess          - The Fair Co-Ed-Marion Davies-          Alice In Wonderland (1915)                - Little Old New York- Marion Davies                   - My Lady Of Whims- Clara Bow-               The Mollycoddle-Douglas Fairbanks-                 My Boy-Jackie Coogan-               The Average Woman-Pauline Garon         -  The Untameable-Gladys Walton                 -  Ella Cinders-Colleen Moore-                     The Spoilers (1914)-            The Christus(Italian).-         The Squaw Man -         Eerie Tales-          Quo Vadis?-                         The Volga Boatman-                                     The River-

  Talkies:Hollywood Mystery-Frank Albertson                   -  Hook Line And Sinker-Wheeler  and Woolsey             --                                                                Hotel Continental-HB Walthall            - Howdy Broadway- Tommy Christian Orchestra-                                          - Hypnotized-Mack and Moran                                                       - I'll Name The Murderer-Ralph             Forbes    -                          - It Couldn't Have Happened(But It Did)-Reginald Denny                                                      - J. Stuart Blacktons ' Film Parade            - Jane Eyre-Virginia Bruce-                                          Jeanne With The Light Brown Hair- Stephen Foster Story            -Jim Hanvey, Detective-Guy Kibbee       - Judge Priest -Will Rogers                     - Jungle Bride-Anita Page                                                - Juno and The Paycock--dir: Hitchcock-                   Kathleen Mavourneen-Sally O' Neill                            - The Kennel Murder Case-William Powell                   -  Sucker Money -Mischa Auer                                      - Sunny Skies-Benny Rubin                                        - Sunset On The Desert-Roy Rogers                        - Swamp Fire-Johnny Weissmuller                             - Swing High-Fred Scott                                                - Swing It  Professor-Pinky Tomlin                             - Taming The Wild-Rod La Rocque                                                    - The Angel And The Badman-John  Wayne                       - The Ape Man-Bela Lugosi                  - The Ape-Boris Karloff           - The Back Page-Russell Hopton                                                                                       - The Bells Of St.Angelo-Roy Rogers                                                                   - The Brain That Wouldn't Die-Herb-Evers                                                                                                                                                                                  - The City Of Missing Girls-HB Warner                   - The Crime Of Dr. Crespi-Erich Von nStroheim-                   The Dance Of Life-Hal Skelly                - The Dark Hour-Ray Walker              - The Death Kiss-Bela Lugosi       - The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street-Tod Slaughter       - The Devil Diamond-Kane Richmond                - The Devil Riders-Buster Crabbe-                 The Drag-Net-Rod La Rocque                 - The Drums Of Jeopardy-Warner Oland                   - The Duke Is Tops-Lena Horne                   - The Fast And The Furious-dir: Roger Corman                  - The Fatal Hour- Boris Karloff                          - The Ghoul-Boris Karloff-         The Hairy Ape-William Bendix               - The House Of Danger-Onslow Stevens                - The House Of Mystery-Ed Lowry                  - The Kansan-Richard Dix                - The Last Of The Clintons-Harry Carey             - The Lost Zeppelin-Conway Tearle              - The Loudspeaker-Ray Walker              - The Mad Monster-George Zucco                - The Magic Sword-Basil Rathbone                 - The Marines Are Coming-William Haines                    -The Midnight Warning-Bill Boyd-                The Millionaire Kid-Bryant Washburn               - The Moonstone-David Manners-                 The Most Dangerous Game-Joel Mc Crea        -      The Mysterious Mr. Wong-             , The Mystic Circle Murder-Robert Frazer-             Mme. Harry Houdini-               The North Star- Anne Bancroft-        The Payoff-Lowell Sherman                 - The Phantom Of The House- Ricardo Cortez-               Kid Dynamite-Bowery Boys-                  King Kelly Of The USA-Edgar Kennedy, music by Joe Sanders                 - King Of The Zombies-Mantan Moreland                 -  Klondike-Thelma Todd                     - The Last Man On Earth-Vincent Price                     - Laughing At Life-Victor Mc Laglen                  - The Law Of The Lash -Lash La Rue                  - Lawless-Valley-Lane Chandler                - Lena Rivers-Charlotte Henry       - Lighting Bill-Buffalo Bill, Jr        - Lightning Triggers-Reb Russell-                      Little Tough Guy-Bowery Boys-                 Lonely Wives-Edward Everett Horton                     - Manhattan Merry Go Round-All Star-                Marijuana ,The Weed With Roots In Hell-Harley Wood-                 Meet John Doe-dir: Capra                   - Meet The Mayor-Frank Fay                   - Mickey The Great-Mickey Rooney                   - Misbehaving Husbands-Harry Langdon                       - Mondo Balordo-Narr: Boris Karloff                      - Mr . Wong, Detective-Boris Karloff-                    Murder- dir:Hitchcock                 - Murder At Midnight-Aileen Pringle                    - Murder In The Museum-HB Walthall                  - My Dear Secretary -Kirk Douglas                     - Mystery Liner-Noah Beery                   - Nabonga-1940s Gorilla film                     - Night Life In Reno-Virginia Valli-                   Night Tide-Dennis Hopper                   - Night Work-Eddie Quillan-                        Of Human Bondage-Bette Davis                    - Officer 13- Monte Blue                 - Oklahoma Cyclone-Bob Steele-                  Oliver Twist-Dickie Moore-                   Our Town William Holden   -                 - Outlawed Guns-Buck Jones         - Painted Faces-Joe E. Brown-                       Palooka-Jimmy Durante                     - Paradise Island-Kenneth Harlan                       - Pardon My Gun-Tom Keene-                       Parisian Romance-Lew Cody                   -Party Girl-Douglas Fairbanks, Jr     .- Peacock Alley-Mae Murray-                     - The Phantom-Guinn Williams-            The Pocatello Kid-Ken Maynard     -         The Pride Of The Bowery-Bowery Boys         - The Quitter-William Bakewell                 - The Rawhide Terror-Art- Mix                -Riders Of Destiny-John Wayne-               The Royal Bed-Lowell Sherman-                  The Scarlet Letter - Colleen Moore-                           The Shadow Laughs-Hal Skelly-                    The Shadow Of  Silk Lennox-Lon Chaney,Jr.                       - The Shadow(British)-                  The Silver Horde-Joel Mc Crea-                   The Snake People-Boris Karloff-                  The Son Of Monte Cristo-Louis Hayward-                        The Song Of The Gringo-Tex Ritter-                                    The Spanish Cape Mystery-Donald Cook                   -The Star Packer-John Wayne                    - The Steel Claw-George Montgomery                       - The Stranger-Orson Welles                    - The Sunset Trail-Ken Maynard                          - The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi-Charles Starrett                   - The Terror Of Tiny Town-Jed Buells Midgets-                    The Thirteenth Guest-Ginger Rogers                      - The Trial-Anthony Perkins                    - The Two Gun Man-Ken Maynard-                   The Vampire Bat-Lionel Atwill                -  The Wall Street Cowboy-Roy Rogers              - The Western Frontier-Ken Maynard                  - The White Gorilla-"Crash Corrigan                 - The World Accuses-Dickie Moore                  - Things To Come-Raymond Massey             - Tombstone Canyon-Ken Maynard                  - Tomorrows Youth-Dickie Moore-               - Trouble In Texas-Tex Ritter      - Two Weeks To Live-Lum And Abner-                  The Utah Trail-Tex Ritter         - ./        Vanity Fair-Myrna Loy        -            Waterfront Lady-Ann Rutherford         -              Way Of The West-Wally Wales       -            West On Parade-Ben Corbett(a 3 reel short. add $3 to any feature)-                    Whispering Skull-Tex Ritter          -              The Wings Of Adventure-Rex Lease        -           The Wolves Of The Sea-Hobart Bosworth-                      Young And Innocent-dir: Hitchcock            -             Youth On Parade-Ruth Terry           -            The KeeperOf The Bees-Neil Hamilton-                         Half Shot At Sunrise- Wheeler And Woolsey-          

Strange Woman-dir: Ullmer-                  The Golden Eye-Roland Winters        - Irish Luck-Frankie Darro      - Ladies Crave Excitement-Norman Foster           -           Rio Rattler-Tom Tyler      -           One Thrilling Night-John Beal-                 Girls In Chains-Arline Judge        -       We're In The Legion Now-Reginald Denny  -            Renegade Girl -Ann Savage       -            Broken Strings-Clarence Muse-                 Harvard,Here I Come-Max Rosenbloom      -            The Panthers Claw-Sidney Blackmer        - Air Devils-Dick Purcel      -                 - New Faces Of 1952-All-Star      - The Chinese Ring-Roland Winters        -             Are We Civilized?-William Farnum         -               Rawhide-Lou Gehrig         -            The Letter- Jeanne Eagels       -                   A  Symphony Of Living -Evelyn Brent-                       Niagra Falls-Tom Brown      -              Michigan Mama-Wallace Ford        -           Date Bait-Gary Clarke-                  The Beast Of Yucca Flats-Tor Johnson-                      Thats My Baby -              - The Phantom Thunderbolt-Ken Maynard        -            Pecks Bad Boy at the Circus-Tommy Kelly         -        Barefoot Boy        -           Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven         -         Borrowed Wives-Rex Lease       -          Penal Code-Regis Toomey       -         Tanks A Million-William Tracy        -                       Half A Sinner-John King          -          Sepia Cinderella-Billy Daniels          -         She Shoulda Said No-Lila Leeds        -          Gold-Jack Hoxie        -         Limehouse Blues-George Raft         -             Big Fella-Paul Robeson-                   Tall Tan And Terrific-Mantan Moreland      -             Mason of The Mounted-Bill Cody        -            Mesa Of Lost Women-Jackie Coogan-                    Fighting To Live-Reb Russell        -             Hard Hombre-Hoot Gibson-                     Actors And Sin-Edward G. Robinson-                       Young And Beautiful-William Haines           -           Detour-Tom Neal           -           The Ticket Or Leave Man-Tod Slaughter         -            Patterns-Van Heflin            -          Wild Guitar-Arch Hall, Jr.           -         The Yanks Are Coming-All Star-                     Police Patrol-Pat O' Malley-            The Presidents Mystery-Henry Wilcoxin         -           Minstrel Man-Benny Fields-                     Back Room Boy-Arthur Askey         -           Crashing Through Danger-Ray Walker         -           Baby Face Morgan-Richard Cromwell         -         Captain Calamity-(c)Hirliman Prod          -                 Dance Hall Racket-Lenny Bruce          - Border Law-Buck Jones           - Perils Of The Jungle-Clyde Beatty-            Shadow Ranch-Buck Jones           -                All Over Town-Olsen And Johnson      -               Bees In Paradise-Arthur Askey           -               Kept Husbands-Joel Mc Crea          -              The Amazing Transparent Man-dir: Ulmer          -            Under The Red Robe-Conrad Veidt   -                  Tarzan And The Green Goddess-Bruce Bennett-                        Good Time Girl-Herbert Lom         -              The Yesterday Machine-Jack Herman        -            Sing, Sing Nights-Conway Tearle          -           The Lucky Terror-Hoot Gibson           - Public Cowboy#1-Gene Autry         - Curtain At Eight-C. Aubrey Smith   Slightly Honorable-Pat O' Brien         -            Till The Clouds Roll By-All Star           -              Jivin In Be- Bop-All Star          - Tarzans Revenge-Glenn Morris           - Captain Scarface-Lief Erickson-             Beneath The Twelve Mile Reef-Robert Wagner-                  Wildcat-Richard Arlen-                  Dangerous Passage-Robert Lowery-                The Trap-Sidney Toler         -           Escort Girl-Betty Compson      -           Drums In The Deep South- James Craig          -              Border Cop-Tim Mc Coy-                        The Fast And The Furious-John Ireland        -              Wild Women Of Wongo        -              The Lady In The Death House-Jean Parker-                  Gaslight-Diana Wynyard-                      High School Big Shot-Tom Pittman-                    Dick Tracy, Detective-Morgan Conway-                   Dark Alibi-Sidney Toler-                    Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball-Morgan Conway           -                Telephone Operator-Grant Withers          -                                     Harlem Rides The Range-Herb Jeffrey-                   Hollywood And Vine-James Ellison        -               Confessions Of A Vice Baron-Willy Castello-                    The Racing Strain-Wallace Reid, Jr-                       .High Gear-James Murray         -            Born To Gamble-HB Warner     -          Pilot X-Gaston Glass-                 The Pecos Kid-Fred Kohler-                   Jack London-Michael O' Shea        -         Cowboy Counselor-Hoot Gibson-                    I  Accuse My Parents-Mary Beth Hughes-               Band Waggon-Jack Hylton-         The Scarlet Clue-Sidney Toler- m                   Go Get Em Haines-Bill Boyd-                  Lying Lips-Edna Mae Harris-                 The Girl From Calgary-Fifi Di O'rsay         -           Frolics On Ice-Irene Dare-                       Smash Up- The Portrait Of A Woman-Susan Hayward-                    The Bronze Buckaroo- Herb Jeffrey-                    Rich Relations-Ralph Forbes-                   Five Minutes To Live-Johnny Cash-                       Discarded Lovers-Jason Robards, Sr          .-          Charlie Chans ' Secret-Warner Oland-                     Ten Minutes To Live-Micheaux film-                 What Becomes Of The Children-Joan Marsh          -         Ghost Patrol-Tim Mc Coy-                   No Hands On The Clock-Chester Morris          -              Delightfully Dangerous-Jane Powell           -              Dude Bandit- Hoot Gibson-                             Dangerous Money-Sidney Toler-                    Extravagance-June Collyer          -             Shake , Rattle And Rock- All Star-                      Queen Of The Amazons-Robert Lowery           -           Tough To Handle-Frankie Darro-                    Paradise Express-Grant Withers-                The Law Of The Wolf-Rin -Tin-Tin,Jr         -                  Big News-Carole Lombard-                         Seven Doors To Death-Chick Chandler         -             Cavalcade Of The West-Hoot Gibson-                          Africa Speaks-1930s Jungle documentary-                     Doll Face-Vivian Blaine-                   The Law Of The Rio Grande-Bob Custer          -            Bluebeard-John Carradine-                 The Killer Shrews -James Best         -               Her Favorite-Patient-Ruth Hussey        -           Boy, What A Girl!-Tim Moore-                 Parole, Inc.-Michael O' Shea-                       Paradise-Isle-Movita             -              The Road To Happiness- John Boles-                   The Violent Years-Jean Moorhead-                    Framed-Evelyn Brent        -             The Call Of The Wilderness-Lobo The Dog           -               The Big Cat- Lon Mc Allister-                      Harlem Rides The Range-Herb Jeffrey                   - Fangs Of The Wild        ,Skull and Crown      The Vengeance Of Rannah-(the previous 3 star Rin Tin Tin Jr.        )-                  Roamin Wild-Tom Tyler-            - Ambush Valley-Bob Custer                   - Uncle Joe-Slim Summerville       The Bride Of The Monster-Bela Lugosi-          - Black Gold -Frankie Darro          -- The Lucky Terror-Hoot Gibson        -                 Sing , Sinner, Sing-Paul Lukas         - The Mystery Train-Nick Stuart        -         We're In The Legion Now-Reginald Denny         Life Returns-Onslow Stevens       - Murder At Glen Athol-John Miljan        - Mutiny I(n The Big House-Charles Bickford      -                     High Voltage-William Boyd             - I Killed Wild Bill Hickok -Johnny Carpenter                    -- Indiscreet-Gloria Swanson         -                Money Madness-Hugh Beaumont          -                 Louisiana Hussy- Nan Peterson.


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