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FATTY AND MABEL ADRIFT  3          THE WAITERS BALL           HE DID AND HE DIDNT (previous 3 Fatty Arbuckle and 2reels unless indicated)         WIFE AND AUTO TROUBLE-William Collier, Sr.                   BATH TUB PERILS-Fred Mace-2            Dollars And Sense- Ora Carew-2          DIZZY HEIGHTS AND DARING HEARTS- Chester Conklin -2           MAID MAD  2.5            THE FEATHERED NEST (previous 2 w/ Charlie Murray 2 reelers unless indicated)                  HIS FOOTHILL FOLLY           A SCOUNDRELS TOLL (previous 2 are Raymond Griffith one reelers)                      LOST A COOK-     MADCAP AMBROSE                    THIRST (previous 3 are Mack Swain 2 reelers)              A SANITARIUM SCANDAL- Earle Rodney- 2                      MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH- Douglas Fairbanks-2             WON BY A FOWL- Fritz Schade-2           WHOSE BABY?         A MAIDENS TRUST (previous 2  Bobby Vernon one reelers)       THE DANGER GIRL-Gloria Swanson-2      A SUBMARINE PIRATE-Sydney Chaplin 3             HER TORPEDOED LOVE-Louise Fazenda-2           BLACK EYES AND BLUE-Billy Armstrong 2             TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE- Bobby Vernon-2           BECAUSE HE LOVED HER -Sam Bernard-2      A CLEVER DUMMY-Ben Turpin 2               A MOVIE STAR- Mack Swain-2                          HER FAME AND SHAME-Louise Fazenda-2                 CAUGHT WITH THE GOODS- HARRY GRIBBON-1          

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